10 Ways Social Media Will Benefit Your Company | extractoyster.info

If you’re eager to share your news, ideas and opinions with your website visitors, or attract new customers, or reach a new target audience, then perhaps you’re considering using social media.Here’s why you should.1. You’ll be able to spread your message to almost unlimited amounts of people quickly and easily. Depending on what sort of content you’re sharing, you might find that setting up a group, or microblogging will get you lots more visitors to your website.2. Commenting, or creating content little and often is better than saving a huge amount of content and posting once a month. You want your visitors to be reminded that you exist without being bombarded, or overpowered by you.3. Social media allows you to interact directly with your customers, and can help to provide the products and services they really want. You’ll also be able to get a good idea as to your demographic, and see if it matches your target audience. Perhaps you might even find a new target audience, or new people to do business with.4. By using social media sites to ask what people think, and want from your company, you’ll be able to target your marketing and sales campaigns even better. What will you able to learn about what people really think of your company, or the way you do things? How does it compare to other companies, or other industries?5. What about posting or commenting on industry news and events. Your target audience might be interested to find out your take on news events if they’re relevant to the products you sell. People might also appreciate the fact that you have found a report that will help them, and have linked to it.6. You can also show a public face to your company, and be more laid back. Just because you’re a solicitor, or accountant doesn’t mean that you’re not approachable. Why not encourage people to ask questions, so that you can make your company or industry more appealing?7. If your specialised subject area is tax, or nuclear science, it might be hard for many people to understand. Why not see if you can make a boring or difficult subject much more interesting and approachable? What about injecting humour, or using analogies?8. You could use your social media accounts to show off your company achievements, and let your audience know what it is that you do, and how you can help people like them. Perhaps you’ve helped somebody out at short notice, or won an award, or are launching a new product. How will your fans and followers be able to use that information?9. Why not test the market first with new ideas or products? You could get the opinions, ideas and suggestions from your followers, and see whether they’d like your new product, or think that your menu is too expensive, or opening your hours will make it easier to speak to a real person.10. By using social media as part of your offline and online marketing campaigns, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. You’ll already know what sort of things they are doing, and can either do it better, or cheaper. What else can you do to impress potential customers, or to better meet the needs of your target audience?Now you know more about how social media will help your company, how will you spread the word?